Pioli may change the tactics of the Champions League.

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AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli says he may change his tactics on stage Champions League. Despite having just beaten Napoli beautifully in the Serie A battle.

The Red and Black Devils thrashed Napoli with a 4-0 scoreline in Serie A on Sunday. Causing the situation to now rank 3 with 51 points from 28 games played.

After the match, a DAZN correspondent asked if there was an opportunity to go back to a back-four formation. Or to return to a three-man defensive formation in the Champions League. Which faces Napoli again.

“That’s a good question. The important thing now is to focus on Empoli because this season these are games we have played without the right spirit UFABET

“We can’t throw away any more points. So we’ll take into account the player factor before playing in the Champions League and remember it’s a two-legged game.

“This game gives us confidence and good things. But the Champions League is a different competition and will be a tough game. Plus playing seriously, Napoli have their chances as well. But we can do better on our part.

“Normally, with our personalities We can become a very dangerous team. in a duel with them if space is available We will miss that point. It’s important to play with the same concept. with our focus and high press on them.”