Manchester United Grading the players of the Red Devils, closing the job

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Manchester United Grading the players of the Red Devils, closing the job

Diogo Dalot and Bruno Fernandes score goals each to send Manchester United into the FA Cup 4th round. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Manchester United player ratings 

Andre Onana – 7/10

Important saves early in the game And that was his only difficult save in this match.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 6/10

Rarely have I encountered much threat from competitors.

Raphael Varane – 6/10

Perform duties according to standards There are no errors.

Jonny Evans – 6/10

Reads the game well, always being in the right place at the right time.

Diogo Dalot – 7.5/10

He’s a player who shoots well from distance. He scored his second goal of the season for the Red Devils, with two coming from outside the penalty area.

Cobby Mainu – 7.5/10

Did an excellent job defending the game. He intercepted the ball many times. And had a chance to shoot from far 1 time in the second half, but went to save Sam Tickle.

Scott McTominay – 6/10

Try to fill in the penalty area to have a chance to score. He missed three golden opportunities in this match.

Bruno Fernandes (Captain) – 7/10

There’s a lot of room for him to play in this game. He created six offensive possessions and was the one who called for a penalty. before being the murderer

Alejandro Carnacio – 6.5/10

Started on the right wing for the second time this season. He always tries to challenge his opponents. Willing to score goals against opponents He had a chance to shoot from 22 yards out, but the ball unfortunately hit the crossbar.

Marcus Rashford – 6/10

Assisted Dalot to score the first goal of the game. But at times he seemed a bit forced. He tried to attack the opponent’s back several times. and should be named as the scorer in this match but did not pass the local checkpoint officer

Rasmus Hoylund – 6/10

It was a game where he should have been named a score producer to build momentum for himself. After previously unlocking the first goal in the Premier League on Boxing Day. He had at least 3-4 chances but missed two golden opportunities.