Balotelli hits back at ‘Ibra’ and hurts him.

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Mario Balotelli, the hot-blood striker is unhappy with Zlatan Ibrahimovic saying he abandon his talent. And respond with the only trophy his former football teammate didn’t have.

Ibrahimovic was one of the guests at the Festival dello Sport. Organized by La Gazzetta dello Sport. And speke on stage about his long career. And many of the players he has work with.

“When I was young I had the opportunity to make the most of my talents. But I didn’t do it. That is very unfortunate.” Ibrahimovic said UFABET

“Balotelli has many opportunities. And he miss all the opportunities. He just threw away his talent. This is true.”

But Balotelli was not idle and was not impress by that comment and respond in an Instagram story that spoke more visually than in words.

He posted a picture of himself holding the Champions League trophy. He win the title with Inter in 2010, a year after Ibrahimovic left the club.

To ensure the message got across, Balotelli tag Ibrahimovic in the photo as well.

Although Ibrahimovic has achieve a lot in his career, with many trophies. But the Champions League is a trophy. He has never win and Inter is the closest he’s come.