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who don't like breakfast

7 diseases for people who don’t like breakfast

7 diseases for people who don’t like breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals ever, but there are people who neglect to eat before going out. Because everyone tends to rush in the morning Afraid to go to work or not to study in time . Causing

Social media addiction

Social media addiction

Social media addiction Risk of depression – check out the preliminary symptoms here.In the current technology Into more and more important roles in people’s daily life. Sometimes the smart phone is like the fifth human factor that can be done because smartphones can give us easy and fast

obsessive compulsive disorder

6 signs of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

 6 signs you have obsessive compulsive disorder , OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) or obsessive compulsive disorder Is a psychological condition. It was found that 2 -3 percent of the population had this disease. The average age to experience this disease is 19-20 years. Symptoms are manifested repetitive symptoms, thoughts arise in

Silent disaster eye health

Silent disaster eye health

Silent disaster eye health. We all know that we should have our physical health checked every year. But few people pay attention to eye examinations, despite the fact that the eye is the most essential sensory organ for life. Working for us in every activity But received the

hot careers

8 hot careers in the digital age

8 hot hot careers for new graduates in the digital age. It can say that the current career trends in the labor market both in world a has continuously changed. Which makes the graduates remain unemployed quite a lot. By part of the cause from Graduated does not match

Micro Green

What is micro green?

What is micro green? “Micro Green” is a young plant of various vegetables. That have germinated and have not fully grown It can grow from the seeds of vegetables, herbs or various grains. The distinctive feature of microgreens, unlike other vegetables, is that although microgreens are tiny , tiny vegetables, research

donating clothes.

6 things to know before donating clothes

6 things to know before donating clothes. Some people may think that donating is a great opportunity for us to clear away old things that we no longer use. Without even thinking that the actual items that we donate are still usable or not Can the recipient

1 day on other planets

How long is 1 day on other planets?

How long is 1 day on other planets? For our planet, 1 day has 23 hours and 56 minutes, but yes, all other stars will spend the same amount of time. They all have different spinning periods. Caused by The satellites of the planets, including meteorites, meteorites, or

The Moon Festival

Interesting facts about The Moon Festival

1.It is also known as the Mid Autumn Festival. Interesting facts about The Moon Festival. Moon Festival, also called Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival in China is Chew Chong Jia (中秋节), which is the most beautiful moon shining  held to celebrate the harvest. Which corresponds to the night of the full moon of