What oils are good for frying?

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Frying usually requires the use of saturated fatty acid oils. no rancid smell. Does not generate smoke when frying food at high temperatures. The oils that are suitable for frying are palm oil, coconut oil and lard. But if eating more than the right amount of fried food. It may have negative effects on health. 

Properties of palm oil

Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is suitable for cooking fried dishes. It has a smoke point at about 230 degrees Celsius. So it can withstand high heat, does not produce smoke, does not go rancid easily.  Contains more saturated fatty acids than other vegetable oils. UFABET  Should be avoided as little as possible. because it will adversely affect health.

Properties of coconut oil

Coconut oil used for cooking should be cold pressed. Because no chemicals and hydrogen are added. It has a smoke point of about 180 degrees Celsius. So it is highly heat resistant. Fried food without rancid smell And doesn’t make fried food. The highlight is that it has high antioxidants. Contains useful saturated fatty acids or MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride). Resulting in less fat accumulation in the body compared to oils that contain other saturated fatty acids. 

Properties of lard

Lard is an oil derived from animal fat in a natural way. Suitable for cooking fried dishes The smoke point is about 205 degrees Celsius. So it can withstand high heat, no smoke, and contains high saturated fatty acids. If you leave it at room temperature, it will be easily waxed. When it encounters cold weather, it becomes more waxy and has a rancid odor. But due to high cholesterol If used in excessive amounts. It may be at risk of cardiovascular disease.