What is the cause of Aurora?

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What is the cause of Aurora? Nowadays, going on a northern lights hunting tour is becoming more and more popular. It is said that it is very beautiful and beautiful, so people who are a true tourist should not miss it. But what is this Northern Lights, how is it good, why would anyone want to touch each other? How about getting to know the Northern Lights?

What is the cause of Aurora?

In fact, the Northern Lights is Aurora, or a natural phenomenon that is glowing in the sky at night. Making it look spectacular across the sky like stars and light from the sky dancing. Which most often occurs in the polar regions The name of the northern lights was named by the famous scientist Galileo. There are many colors of the northern lights, whether they are blue, yellow, or purple, but the color that appears most often is green.

What is the cause of Aurora?

The northern lights are a phenomenon caused by a collision between the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere and the electric particles emitted by solar energy. It causes an explosion of beams of different colors depending on the source of the aurora that occurs in the atmosphere. And what gas is formed Sometimes they may see motionless and explode in different colors within seconds. Sometimes it looks like it’s about to touch the ground. Maybe I saw it soaring into the sky. The resulting aurora will have a height of about 100 to 300 kilometers above the earth. Which is located in the upper atmosphere near space.

For the color that you see if it is a range of 100 kilometers or more. The atmosphere is mostly composed of nitrogen and oxygen molecules. Which at an altitude above the atmosphere about 100-200 kilometers during this very dense oxygen molecules. Will produce a yellowish-green aurora. But if it occurs in the atmosphere higher than 200 kilometers or more. It will be seen in red. If it occurs above the atmosphere at a range lower than 120 kilometers.

Where can we see it?

We can look at the northern lights, but they are either obvious or at KP or chemical equilibrium. If the date is high Has the right to see the northern lights more clearly with the naked eye But on any given day, if the KP value is low. It may only be seen with white, gray streaks in the sky. For the time when it is often found that light is The time between 22.00-24.00. 

The country where you can clearly see the Northern Lights is Iceland. That most people prefer to go together But there are also other countries such as Canada, America, Russia, Finland, Denmark and Norway. 

                Going out and hunting for the Northern Lights is not an easy task. Because you have to travel to the country where this phenomenon occurs. Also have to wait for the right time Waiting for it to happen. Maybe seeing more or less, it might take a fortune.