What is micro green?

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What is micro green? “Micro Green” is a young plant of various vegetables. That have germinated and have not fully grown It can grow from the seeds of vegetables, herbs or various grains.

The distinctive feature of microgreens, unlike other vegetables, is that although microgreens are tiny , tiny vegetables, research reports have found that microgreens contain high amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals. Such as vitamin C and carotene. Phenolic compounds The content of trace elements.

 From the original who used to eat mature vegetables. Nowadays, more people are turning to micro-greens or sprouts. Because you don’t need to eat large quantities of vegetables Consuming a small amount of micro-greens in the diet will receive a higher nutritional value than that of an adult vegetable. Suitable for people who love health. You can eat at any gender and age.

“Normally, consuming vegetables such as broccoli or adult kale. We accustome to eating each other or a big head. But the bigger the tree, the less the value of some nutrients But eating a young plant will have more benefits. For example, eating just 50 grams of broccoli seedlings has the same benefits as eating one big head of broccoli.

Micro Green

Micro greens can be eaten in a variety of ways, such as blending into a smoothie or topp with soup, salad or sandwiches. At present, micro-greens vegetables can consider as a new form of vegetable consumption for Thai people. This is a matter that needs to be educated about Micro Green to the public to understand and recognize the benefits of Micro Green even more.

Research confirms that micro green is good for health.

In addition, research has confirmed that Micro Green has many good health benefits. Especially young plants of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, radish (kaiware), mustard, because they contain cancer-fighting substances. (glucosinolate) that are only in cruciferous vegetables. In addition, nowadays, there is a study on the use of local ufabet vegetables to cultivate many kinds of micro-greens.

What vegetables can make micro greens?

We have researched local vegetables that can be used to make micro-greens. Such as okra, warts, can be cultured into micro-greens. And nutritious, not allergic to foreign micro-greens. It is a new option for farmers and consumers. But what needs to be considered and further studied is The case of local Thai vegetables. It requires a growing environment that is different from that of foreign vegetable seeds. Therefore environmental studies and data collection are required. In order to design an environment that is suitable for the growth of that vegetable.

Micro Green Seeding

For the cultivation of micro-greens. Has the same principles for growing vegetables. But the cultivation period is shorter than 7-10 days only. Another advantage of micro-green cultivation is when the young plants are about 1 to 4 inches in height with only 2-3 leaves be ready to take .