What is body fat percentage?

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          The human body contains a large proportion of body fat in our muscles, tissues, and organs. As a source of energy and warmth. Which we can measure the amount of fat accumulated in the body By measuring the fat percentage. It is calculating how much or how little is in our body. And what is the proportion of pure muscle without fat?

         In addition, in medicine percentage can also tell about the overall health of our body. For example, telling us how much abdominal fat we have. Or is it at a risk level for various serious diseases. Such as diabetes, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease? UFABET Including also helping us lose weight more precisely, planning eating, exercising for better weight loss as well.

          For example, if we weigh 60 kilograms. We can measure 20%, indicating that our body has 12 kilograms of fat. While another person weighs 60 kilograms. But can measure 40%. Which is equal to 24 kilograms of fat. Indicating that this person has a fatter body and has a lot of fat accumulation. You should plan your diet and exercise to reduce the risk of future health problems.

How is body fat percentage different from BMI?

          Measuring BMI or Body mass index (body mass index) will help assess obesity in a basic way. Calculated from body weight and height. This is enough to help predict the risk of abdominal obesity. Or abdominal fat can be roughly measured, but cannot be measured in depth. Such as finding fat percentage muscle mass percentage or water in the body.

          But for measuring fat percentage, it will calculate fat mass and muscle mass. It gives a clearer picture of what proportion of our body has the most. And how those values ​​affect health, what should be reduced. What supplements should be taken to get values ​​that meet good health standards. No risk of disease caused by fat in the blood or abdominal fat or not.