Vegetarian food a good helper for heart patients

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Vegetarian food, easy to make, delicious to eat, a good helper for heart patients.

With a fast paced lifestyle causing more and more people to get sick. Whether it is cancer Hyperlipidemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, including heart disease. And with various diseases that occur by themselves, patients Or those who love health turned to meat-free food or vegetarian food. Because by various beliefs that the meat is not good to eat. 

Vegetarian food a good helper for heart patients.

Therefore turned to abstain from eating meat We therefore have a good recommended menu. from Ramathibodi Hospital to tell each other

When talking about meat in terms of nutrition We will include all meat in the protein category. including milk from animals Besides meat, it has protein also contains fat. But it depends on whether it’s more or less fatty. So if it’s necessary for us to avoid meat altogether. I can say that there is no need for us to avoid meat. We can eat meat normally. And according to our body’s protein needs.

We should only choose to eat in the tenderloin. which is the least lean part or avoid the movie and attached animal fats such as pork belly, duck skin, chicken skin.

In some cases, another group of patients who poured out the belief in refraining from eating meat turn to eat vegetarian food or vegetarian food. Because the body is thought to be strong and make existing diseases heal faster. If asked whether the body will be better or not? Some are better But some are worse must see that patient that he no longer eats meat Still getting enough protein?

 Most vegetarian diets are mainly plant-based proteins. but if not very strict It may be more protein from eggs. There are also some plants that contain protein. Such as nuts, mushrooms, etc. But the quality of protein. It’s not equal to what we get from meat anyway.

After reading here Although quality plant proteins are incomparable to meat. But we can find a solution for vegetarians. Because today Praew will present a vegetarian menu that is easy to make, easy to eat and high in protein, that is, tofu cakes and bean dumplings.  According to ufabet