Tomatoes are beneficial for more than just beautiful skin.

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Anyone who does not like to eat tomatoes must think again. Because tomatoes are very beneficial for the body.

What substances are useful in tomatoes?


“Lycopene” is an important substance found in tomatoes. It is classified as a compound in the carotenoid group, one of 600 species. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, watermelons, pink grapefruits, pink guavas and papayas, and lycopene is found in amounts ranging from 0.9 – 9.30 g in 100 g of fresh tomatoes
          Lycopene is a compound that has gain attention for its report health benefits. In particular, the most obvious reduction in the risk of organ cancer was prostate cancer, follow by lung and stomach cancer. Risk of pancreatic cancer, colon, rectum, pharynx, oral cavity, breast, mouth, etc.

          Let’s take a closer look at how useful tomato juice is. It can be said that it is beneficial for almost every part of the body.

         – Helps nourish the skin to be moisturized, bright, not dry.

         – Contains anti-oxidants that help reduce and slow down the aging process. The aging of the skin

         – Tomato juice adds freshness to the body.

         – Helps strengthen the immune system.

         – Contains vitamin A. Which helps maintain eyesight.

         – Tomatoes contain beta-carotene. And phosphorus in large quantities.

         – Tomatoes help in the treatment of acne. By bringing tomato juice to the face or thin slices and can apply to the face.

         – Help the body fight asthma by up to 45%

         – Prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s

         – Cure scurvy Scurvy

         – Prevent hardening of the arteries

         – Tomato has a diuretic effect

         – Helps treat high blood pressure

         – Reduces the risk of heart disease

         – Reduces the risk of stroke. heart attack. For those who smoke regularly

         – Help prevent ischemic heart disease

         – Help in the digestive system in the stomach and facilitate the excretion of stools

         – Inhibit the growth of fungi.

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