The innovations from NASA that are used in everyday life

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The innovations from NASA that are used in everyday life. Until it became a familiar itemThe research and experimentation of the famous NASA organization requires careful and meticulousness. 

Now, human life in space has many limitations, so many inventions have to invent , and some of them have been adapted for everyday life on Earth that we are familiar with.

Frozen food and dry food

The innovations from NASA

In the past, this was a great discovery, as NASA needed to minimize the weight of space equipment. One of them is food. Their frozen and dry foods Retains 98% of all nutrients from the original and the weight is only 20%, because the water in the food is extracted.

Microchip computer

The innovations from NASA

Miniaturization of mechanical computers Comes in a pocket-sized pocket. For use as a system of communication between earth and space. That need to be abundant and use limited space Later on, the microchip played a role in many high-tech devices. Such as various smartphones to blame anyone for making humans addicted to mobile phones, NASA must be here.


In order to have beautiful teeth. we have to research human transport to the moon not every space traveler has to have beautiful teeth. Initially, braces require to wear a muzzle as a massive thanks to NASA for their space rockets. Before release into segments in the atmosphere. It is necessary to have a type of iron called “ufabet Nitinol” that is heat resistant and can be bent according to shape. So today its essential ingredient of transparent braces.

Baby food

The innovations from NASA
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During NASA’s studies on microscopic organisms or microorganisms in algae to find out if in space we can produce oxygen. Fro discovered that In these organisms there are nutrients that are essential to children just like mother’s milk. Such knowledge can develope into a baby food in a confuse manner.

Cordless tool

Use of various equipment in space, it has to be easy to carry, so NASA invents a device that can “put on batteries”.

Durable glasses

Have you ever wondered why each individual’s old Ray Ban never had any mark on it? Even through the sun and through the rain.  Probably thanks to the brothers NASA for inventing an extra layer of protection. That is “Direct Ion Deposition” which is a thin armor layer made of ultra-strong carbon. Re-coat Later, this manufacturing technique led to companies, especially eyeglass manufacturers, to coat their lenses.

Heat resistant fabric (fire resistant)

After the tragedy Apollo No. 1 released, a fire broke out. Killing three astronauts, NASA invented fire-resistant fabric as the staple of astronaut suits, as well as their later equipment, a boon to firefighters.