Social media addiction

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Social media addiction Risk of depression – check out the preliminary symptoms here.In the current technology Into more and more important roles in people’s daily life. Sometimes the smart phone is like the fifth human factor that can be done because smartphones can give us easy and fast access to various information. This includes access to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other instant messaging. – Social addiction articles.

Social media addiction

The humans were originally a social animal, which needed acceptance from those around them. Therefore, it is much easier to access social media nowadays. This makes the risk of social media addiction much easier.

We can observe ourselves that the symptoms of this social media addiction are characterized by a number of symptoms that have a high probability of experiencing social media addiction and possibly causing depression, stress and anxiety. ADHD and bipolar disorder are possible due to the focus on the smartphone. Or social media all day long Will have less time to rest And the online world of self-defense is too much to cut off from the people around. Some patients live in a fictional world More than the real world.

Symptoms of social media addiction

Let’s start to check the symptoms as follows

1. Be with social media More than intended
2. The period when not using social media. Often has symptoms of restlessness or irritability.
3. If we try to control our own access to social media, but can not
4. Keep thinking of social media no matter what you do.
5. When stressed out, social media is often used to relieve stress.
6.There is lying or covering up In order to play on social media
7. Social media is the cause of work problems or relationship problems with close people.

These symptoms indicate that Social media is starting to have an impact on everyday life. Which we ourselves can prevent and solve the problem of social media addiction in the first place.

Prevent and resolve in the first place

  • Try to limit the amount of time you spend on social media or set a precise time, you can use reminders before the time limit has passed .
  • Try to find other activities to do. To divert attention, such as a hobby that is interested in exercise Meeting friends or relatives , traveling Finding stress relief activities

Therefore, if you find yourself or those around you have symptoms of the above social addiction . And not being able to deal with myself by the basic methods Should make an appointment to see a ufabet doctor to screen, diagnose and treat social addiction problems and other psychiatric disorders.