Snooze the alarm clock in the morning is bad for health

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Snooze the alarm clock in the morning Bad for health It is believed that at present, many people have to set an alarm To wake up to study Go to work or do other daily activities

It is believed that at present many people have to set an alarm. To wake up to study go to work or do any other routine, and believe that most people do not set an alarm just once. But often reiterated elections Several rounds with a duration of 15 minutes, some 20 minutes.

Also known as a snooze alarm, that is, a periodic waking system. But many people may not know that such a wake. Adversely affects the body and the hormones in our body ever.

Snooze the alarm clock

What is snooze?

A snooze alarm, that is, a periodic wake-up system. With a period of time apart, but we will set So that you do not fall asleep until you forget to wake up. For the most part, people who use this kind of alarm system tend to think that wake up to wake up and ask for a little more sleep to wake up again to be refreshed. But in fact, it has a negative effect on the body instead.

Snoozing the alarm in the morning, how bad is it for your health?

Usually, the system of work within our body has its own working time. Which is the one that controls the work in our body is hormones such as during the night. Our bodies secrete melatonin and before we wake up. Our body system will prepare for 1 hour before we wake up, where our body will gradually. Adjust the hormone to rise and start secreting the hormone cortisol ( ufabet Cortisol), so that we set a snooze alarm clock is considered to disturb our sleep cycle a lot.

Due to the fact that we wake up and go back to sleep It is like putting our body back into the process of sleeping again. Therefore, in the fact that we are awake. It will result in the preparation of the body in order to wake up normally then it wont happen. Also it is for this reason that it will adversely affect our body. Makes us feel tired, not refreshed, no energy. So if we want to have good health. Just go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day. Not even on holidays

Because when our bodies get used to the sleep system Our awakening already like this We don’t need an alarm anymore. Because our body will naturally wake up It also makes the body feel refreshed as well as starting the day as well.