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Silent disaster eye health. We all know that we should have our physical health checked every year. But few people pay attention to eye examinations, despite the fact that the eye is the most essential sensory organ for life. Working for us in every activity But received the least attention Sometimes the eyes are ignored and the disease spreads without realizing it. Although we can easily avoid the symptoms of eye disease by choosing the right eyeglass lenses to preserve eye health. And protect your eyes from damage. That may cause disease in the future, read the eye care of people of different ages.

Taking care of the eyes of people of different ages

Today Essilor An eye specialist will come to educate you on the dangers that can occur to the eyes at different ages. And pointed out why eye care is faster and better.

Younger than 20 years (Gen Z)

Eye screening during this age, especially before the age of 6, is very necessary. Because children at this age do not yet know what their normal vision is. If parents do not pay attention. It can cause permanent problems such as lazy eye, which is often caused by unresolved eye strain and abnormal vision. Even if one eye is more abnormal than the other. The more likely it is to have this disease Because the child will use only the good eye and let the other eye continue to blur until eventually unable to see.

Eye diseases in children must therefore be treated only during a time when it is still possible, so children should have a thorough eye exam every year. Because the visual quality will help children learn and do activities to the full.

In addition, nearsightedness or astigmatism often occurs in childhood. Parents should give their children an eye exam before entering elementary school and should have an eye exam every 6-12 months because their eyesight may change quickly. And unresolved eyesight can affect learning.

Silent disaster eye health

Age group 20-37 years (Gen Y)

Considered to be a working age with a lot of eyesight Because this modern way of life has to rely on technology all the time These behaviors are responsible for computer vision syndrome (CVS), the more people who use digital devices for more than 8 hours a day, the more prone to eyestrain, eye strain and nearsightedness problems. up

While it can be difficult to avoid using digital devices. But we can choose to use eyeglass lenses that have an innovative anti-blue light. To help you feel comfortable and maintain long-term eye health. Such as Eyezen lenses, which have the ability to protect the eyes from harmful blue light from computer screens, mobile phones, tablets, etc., and also effectively reduce eye fatigue. And it is important not to ignore it is an annual eye exam. To detect abnormalities and reduce the risk of developing eye diseases in the future.

Gen X and Baby Boomers

Age group 38 and older (Gen X and Baby Boomers)

This group of people will develop more problems with the eyes as they age, especially those with presbyopia. Causing vision in different distances not as sharp as other age groups.

Which many people would have questioned whether What is presbyopia? Presbyopia is caused by aging. Causing the lens of the eye to lose its elasticity Unable to function normally as when he was a teenager. The ability to gaze at objects that are close to it will decrease with age. Makes vision close, such as reading a book or looking at the mobile screen. Including the middle term such as the computer screen Or the distance of the working table Not as clear as ever Causing people of this age to carry several glasses. In order to have a clear look at every phase of the activity. Because a single pair of glasses cannot meet all eyesight needs

But in 2020, Essilor launched the Varilux Comfort® Max (Varilux Comfort Max), the latest progressive lens innovation. To meet the needs of people aged 40 years and over, the technology structure from France at an affordable price. Who start to have farsightedness with age and want to see clearly in every position and distance in one ufabet glasses For a life of freedom while providing comfort throughout the day

More than the anomaly of the eyes that this group has already faced Risk of developing eye diseases As we age, such as pterygium, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disorders. May cause loss of sight If not detected and treated promptly. Therefore, an annual eye check-up is very necessary. Even without any abnormal symptoms