Interesting facts about The Moon Festival

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1.It is also known as the Mid Autumn Festival.

Interesting facts about The Moon Festival. Moon Festival, also called Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival in China is Chew Chong Jia (中秋节), which is the most beautiful moon shining  held to celebrate the harvest. Which corresponds to the night of the full moon of the eighth month according to the lunar calendar Or September according to the international calendar

2. It happened because of a dream.

According to the Chinese chronicle, Zhou Li recorded that the Chinese mid-autumn offerings have come. Since the Tang Dynasty Which comes from the dream of Emperor Ming Huang in the night of the full moon 15 lunar months 8, he flew on the moon. And His Highness ufabet Samran the more When he awoke. Therefore His Highness made that dream come true again With orders for the concubine to dress And imitating a goddess in a dream Since then, the 15th lunar day of the 8th month of every year is the Mid-Autumn Festival Day where the Chinese people join in worshiping the moon.

The Moon Festival

3. The Chang’e Legend

A beautiful woman named Chang’e, Houyi’s wife. Ate the elixir, her body suddenly floated up towards the moon. And she became the goddess of the moon Immortal living When the harvest season She would sprinkle the amulet water down for the farmers to plant together. The people therefore paid their respects and worshiped Nang Chang’er. By making mooncakes for use in worshiping.

4. The legend of the rabbit on the moon

One year in Beijing, a severe cholera epidemic. When Goddess Chang’e who was on the moon looked down and saw Therefore sent the jade rabbit that acts to pound the medicine on the moon Come down to heal the human world The Jade Rabbit transformed into a young woman to heal the people. The villagers were rewarded by giving things. But the jade rabbit would not accept it. But would like to just borrow the villagers’ clothes to wear After completing the treatment of the disease for the villagers The jade rabbit went back to the moon, so there was a worship of the rabbit god on the moon day as well.

5. Chinese national recovery mooncakes

Another belief that continues to be described as a story about Chinese history Emperor Genghis Khan of the Mongol occupies China. Causing some Chinese people to think of a revolution. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival was organized to make a revolutionary appointment with hidden messages of appointments the date and time to act in a big filling with a lot of filling, the mooncakes. And when it’s time to make an appointment. The Chinese then joined together to fight and successfully complete the revolution and thus the independence was restored.

6. Mooncake

What is indispensable for the Mid-Autumn Festival is Mooncakes That sacrifices the moon god Chinese people call it Ai Ping (月饼) , meaning perfection and fulfillment. The traditional Chinese mooncakes contain ingredients such as red beans, five Chinese nuts, and lotus seeds, which must be Only sweet filling.  

7.Make the moon 3 times a day

The traditional Mid-Autumn Ceremony is held three times a day, with the morning being waied. Next, pay respect to ancestors. And pay respect to Mother in the night. But nowadays only worship at dusk.  Which will pay respect to the outdoors when the moon starts to rise .

8.Men are not popular with the moon.

In the past, Chinese men were not popular for the moon. Because there is a belief that The moon is a yin, which is a feminine element.  But nowadays, both women and men can both pray for the moon. But will let women begin to pay respect first.