Blood type B how to lose weight?

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How to lose weight like people with blood type B? Because people with blood type B are a group that eats a little bit, it’s easy to get fat. Let’s look at how to properly eat according to your blood type. And exercise that helps lose weight quickly.

          How to lose weight according? We can do it as follows.

Eat according to blood type B.

          People really have to say that they are lucky in terms of food. Because people have a good digestive system. Able to adapt to a variety of foods. But with the risk of insulin resistance easily. UFABET  Therefore, if eating too much food, it may cause obesity.

          For this reason, people who want to lose weight for good shape. It is recommended to focus on eating food from all 5 food groups with a variety. By focusing on eating vegetables, fruits, meat, focusing on fish lean beef. Eat eggs and dairy products in moderation.

          But during the weight loss period Avoid foods such as peanuts and seeds. Such as corn, sesame, and sunflower seeds. Including wheat flour that may cause sugar and fat accumulation. It interferes with the functioning of the metabolic system and makes it easy to get fat.