Benefits of tomato.

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          Hero of the round tomato is lycopene. Which is another substance in the carotenoid group. lycopene . Found in red-orange fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, papaya, carrots, gacs, and grapefruits, they are considered antioxidants. Excellent prevention of cancer from the information of Mahidol University states that in 100 grams of fresh tomatoes, there is approximately 0.9–9.30 milligrams of lycopene.

Which lycopene and other vitamins and minerals in tomatoes contribute to the health of almost every part of the body. There are many studies confirming the excellent properties of this red plant. Such as

Benefits of tomato.

+ reducing the risk of prostate cancer. This is considered a very prominent feature of this red plant.
+prevent colon cancer Because tomatoes have a lot of fiber and water. It helps to take care of the digestive system to be normal
+ reduce the risk of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer
+ slow down aging, aging. Because it has high antioxidants
+ nourishes the skin to be bright and moisturized
+ helps to get rid of bad cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels therefore reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
+ eye care because it has high vitamin A
+ high vitamin C Helps cure scurvy scurvy strengthen the body’s immune system Not easy to catch a cold
+ Control and reduce blood sugar levels
+ Strengthen bones Helps prevent osteoporosis because it is high in vitamin K
+Helps reduce edema in the body Because tomatoes help regulate fluid balance in cells and tissues
+ help clean the bad cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels. Reduce bad cholesterol in the bloodstream
+ can reduce stress
+ nourish hair to be shiny, strong, look healthy
+ help diuretic

How to make tomato juice like someone who doesn’t like it can drink it.

          For those who do not like to eat tomatoes already. When it is squeezed into water, it may still be unbearable to drink. Maybe because I don’t like the smell or whatever. It might help people who don’t like tomatoes. Can drink more tomato juice.

 Tomato juice dipped in hot water for about 20-30 seconds.
 Peel the tomato skin off.
 Bring the tomatoes to blend with ice or yogurt as you like. May mix fresh orange juice, lemon juice, other fruit juices or a little honey to have a sour, sweet taste into the mix. It will make it easier to eat.