Benefits of eating breakfast

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Benefits of eating breakfast. A healthy breakfast menu will give you a fresh start to your day in good health. Because eating breakfast in the right proportions helps your body get energy and prevent it from eating large amounts of food throughout the day.   

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day and can influence the way you eat the next meal. But many people tend to overlook this meal. The reason people often don’t eat breakfast is because there is no time. Not easy to find There is no food in the house, no hunger, weight loss, tired or bored of eating the same menu, which lowers breakfast poses the risk of a dangerous lifestyle. So this article would like to introduce a breakfast menu that is easy to make or easy to find. For better health 

Benefits of eating breakfast

Benefits of eating breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast will help you start your day bright. Studies have shown that eating breakfast reduces the risk of deficient in nutrients. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Stroke risk for high cholesterol  And is overweight than the norm  

It also helps you feel less hungry during the day. Can concentrate and concentrate on work Helps to adjust proper eating habits and make more healthy food choices. Choosing the right breakfast menu will help you avoid having to starve your breakfast in just a few minutes.

Healthy breakfast menu

The ideal ingredients for a healthy breakfast include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed grains. Dairy products Protein and healthy fats With examples of healthy menus that are suitable for breakfast such as 

  • Whole wheat bread sandwich with tuna or lean meat and fresh vegetables.
  • Cereal or cornflakes mixed with milk
  • Sticky rice with grilled pork, lean and not scorched
  • Boiled rice with meat and vegetables
  • Fried rice or omelet rice
  • Boiled oats with almonds or dried berries
  • Unsweetened natural yogurt with fresh fruit. 
  • Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, or fried eggs Served with Wholemeal Toast, mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Whole wheat bread with hard-boiled eggs and fresh vegetables