Benefits of bananas.

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Bananas are rich in minerals and nutrients. That the body should receive and provide energy up to 100 kcal per unit. Because bananas contain 3 types of sugar. Namely sucrose, fructose and glucose, as well as dietary fiber. So our bodies will get energy and can be used immediately. Just 2 bananas can give energy up to 90 minutes and also have other properties as follows.

Bananas reduce stress

Contain tryptophan, an amino acid that the body can convert UFABET into serotonin, a stimulant that makes the body feel relaxed bright and happy mood.

Bananas reduce irritability.

 Reduce headaches, abdominal pain in women before or during menstruation.

Increase brain power.

 Nutrients in bananas can stimulate alertness in the brain. Eating for breakfast helps your brain to function at its best. And eating again during the day will make you feel refreshed and alert.

Reduce the incidence of ulcers in the stomach and intestines.

 Contain a lot of fiber, which helps the small intestine to digest food better. and helps to coat the stomach to prevent ulcers in the stomach Reduce heartburn And help reduce constipation as well.

Reduce anemia.

 Are rich in iron. which is involved in stimulating the body to produce hemoglobin for red blood cells thus helping to prevent anemia

Lower blood pressure.

 Bananas contain potassium. Research has confirmed that the potassium in fruits can help lower blood pressure. thus helping to reduce the risk of having a stroke from high blood pressure

Reduce the incidence of cramps.

 People whose muscle cramps are partly caused by a deficiency or low potassium in the body. Eating regularly can help reduce the symptoms.

Nervous system.

 The B vitamins in bananas help the nervous system to function more efficiently and in balance.