9 gigantic holes from around the world Caused by both humans and nature

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Many gigantic holes from around the world Caused by both humans and nature.The phenomenon of collapse It is caused by many factors such as storms, landslides, collapses or earthquakes. What is frightening is the phenomenon of the collapse that killed many people around the world. Let’s see where there are 9 gigantic holes around the world.

1.The Great Blue Hole

gigantic holes from around the world

It is the largest and most terrifying natural hole in the world. It looks like a cave deep under the sea. Although this hole is the most horrible and killed countless people. But this area is still popular with challenging divers.

2. The Door to Hell

gigantic holes from around the world

The Gate of Hell, Uzbekistan, is a large poison gas hole near Darvaz. Geologists have set fire since then. Until today, 35 years ago, the fire that started on that day has never been extinguished. Causing this hole to be called the Hell’s Gate of the World

3. Mirny Diamond Mine

It is the largest diamond hole in the world. Approximately 10 million carats of diamonds are extracted per year. And in addition, the hole has a strong gravity that can easily cause planes to collide, so a law prohibits planes from flying through the hole.

4.Kimberley Big Hole or the Kimberley Diamond Mine

This is another diamond hole that began digging in 1871 and ended in 1914, its mouth is 463 meters wide and 240 meters deep. Almost 3 tons ever

5.Kennecott Copper

The Bingham Canyon Mine, known worldwide as ufabet Kennecott Copper, is located in Salt Lake Utah. It is a large man-made pit. Recognized as the largest human-made pit in the world

6. Glory Hole

This giant hole in the middle of the Malticello Dam, California, was built to drain water. In case of dam overflowing water It is considered one of the most amazing buildings in the world ever.

7. Diavik Mine

Diavik Mine, Canada, is another man-made diamond mine. Exploration started in 1992, before excavation in 2001.

8.Giant hole in the center of Guatemala, 2007

It’s a hole from a natural phenomenon that took place in the middle of Guatemala. With a depth of about 100 meters, it quickly sucked dozens of houses to disappear with the eyes at that moment.

9.Giant hole in the center of Guatemala, 2010

This hole occurred at the end of May this past. In the area not too far from the first hole The pit mouth is 18 meters wide and 30 meters deep.