8 hot careers in the digital age

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8 hot hot careers for new graduates in the digital age. It can say that the current career trends in the labor market both in world a has continuously changed. Which makes the graduates remain unemployed quite a lot. By part of the cause from Graduated does not match the field required by the labor market and there are too many positions that are available to accommodate them.

And in this article, Campus-Star has fields that are attractive to students that are in demand in the current labor market. Plus they were paid very high as well What professional fields will there be? Come and see …

1. computer engineer

Computer Engineer is regarded as the profession that the labor market in both Thailand and abroad is most in demand at the moment. Because at present, the labor market has almost entered the digital age. Which has driven business with various technologies and communication systems.

Therefore, a computer engineer is responsible for programming. Develop various systems and include maintenance Fix problems as well to stay up to date and secure from threats, help businesses run smoothly and achieve their goals.

By computer engineer Will focus on designing, building, testing, analyzing as well as maintenance of computer systems (Software), computer equipment and networks related to data processing. 

2.Graphic design

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Graphic Designer is an IT profession. That emphasizes the design of things, whether it is work Website design, logo design, image editing, or online media are all works in graphics. And most importantly, the income of graphic design is also quite high. In addition, a career in graphic design has a strong point that AI still cannot compete. This work requires creativity in designing. Difficult for robots or AI to work instead.

For students who are interested in studying graphic design Must learn to think and design Composition, color usage. Such as photography, print media Advertising materials, both ufabet 2D and 3D, will also learn about tools that can be applied to various graphic design work.

3. Architects

Architect (Architect) is another profession that is in demand in the global labor market. Which will have the duty Design different types of buildings to be beautiful. Consistent with the topography, climate, law, application of knowledge and competence in both art and technical. It must take into account the safety useful and economical in terms of construction costs and energy. That responds to the needs of residents. Or building users.

4. Surgeon

Surgeon is one of the medical professional fields that are becoming increasingly popular and surgeon doctors divide into various types of surgeons such as heart surgeons. General surgeon And oral surgeon, etc.

5. Data Scientist

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Data Scientist is becoming a prefer career in many organizations that recognize the importance of using data. In particular, organizations that focus on using Big Data in their work to benefit the most. For those who wish to work in this field, they will need to have many skills, such as computers, mathematics, statistics, etc

6. Digital marketer

Digital Marketer As there is a large number of Internet users every day and the trend is increasing, more and more businesses are turning to online marketing. In order to keep up with customers in the digital age, many companies have spent more and more digital marketing budgets. As a result, the profession of digital marketers is becoming more and more demanding in the labor market as well.

7. Robotics and Automation Engineers

Robotics and Automation Engineer As the world enters the digital age. Automation and robots play a huge role in man’s work and daily life. Moreover, there is a growing trend every year , especially for businesses in the industrial sector where robots and automation are used to assist in their work processes. More and more constantly

8. Financial Engineer

Financial Engineer can consider as a new career in Thailand that many people may not yet know much about. But this occupation is in demand by the labor market both in Thailand and in AEC countries or the ASEAN Economic Community. With duties in Risk management Credit policy management Analyze securities, investments, and insurance in banking entities. Securities companies. Also an agency of investment advisors As well as large companies, etc.