7 diseases for people who don’t like breakfast

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7 diseases for people who don’t like breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals ever, but there are people who neglect to eat before going out. Because everyone tends to rush in the morning Afraid to go to work or not to study in time . Causing you to not wear whether you have to eat breakfast first or not But we would like to say that anyone who likes to do this is a habit You know that you are destroying yourself. Because it makes us vulnerable to various diseases. Easier than people who eat breakfast regularly. Let’s see That not eating breakfast What diseases will you find?

who don't like breakfast

If you don’t eat breakfast, what are the risks of having a disease?

1. Acid reflux

The stomach of the people when the time comes. It will release gastric juice to digest food at a normal time. But if we don’t have breakfast Those gastric juices will not be in use and will be trapped in our body. Irritates the esophagus and stomach lining. The more time we let the longer pass Those digestive acids may also go back from the esophagus up to the pharynx.

2. High blood pressure disease

When we don’t eat in the morning That is, haven’t eaten anything for a long time. After waking up We may start to feel dizzy and not working fully. Doing anything is slow. More easily tired than usual Or there may be symptoms of ufabet angina, etc., which these symptoms occur when we do not eat breakfast. Causing us to suffer from blood pressure In addition, there are also other diseases that follow, so we should not starve in the morning. To eat more or less, but should be eaten before leaving the house every day.

who don't like breakfast

3. Diabetes

Breakfast is the most important meal. And the body is in great need Because the body needs energy And nutrients to stimulate the metabolism It can help reduce disorders of the hormone insulin. Which is considered the main cause of diabetes more than 40-50% ever. Therefore, not only the elderly should eat regularly. But including people of all ages, genders, and ages must have breakfast.

4. Obesity

Many people may be wondering that dieting must be thin. How can you get fat? Let me tell you that not eating breakfast doesn’t help us get skinny. But it becomes even easier to get fat. Because if we don’t have breakfast The metabolism slows down, the hunger becomes more frequent, and the hunger without breakfast goes down with other meals. Causing you to eat more than your body needs Makes it fat.

5. Alzheimer’s disease

Don’t eat breakfast And what about the brain? This is because blood sugar is an important food for the brain. After we wake up Your body has not been receiving nutrients for more than 10-12 hours, and if you don’t eat breakfast again, your blood sugar will drop. Causing sugar to feed the little brain. As a result, the memory part of the brain is not fully functional, sluggish and deterioration.

6. Cardiovascular Disease

When you don’t have breakfast until you become a habit. Will cause obesity Diabetes and many other diseases that follow Which when obesity and diabetes visit. The amount of cholesterol in the body will rise. It is at risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well. The results of a survey in the United States found that People who do not eat breakfast are 20% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

7. Gastritis

Not that stomach disease can be caused by stress or eating spicy food alone. But it is caused by the fact that we do not eat on time or do not eat breakfast as well. Because when the time comes in our stomach, there will be gastric juice that serves the digestive function to digest the food we eat. But when our stomach is not at all food The work of gastric juice is not in accordance with the process. As a result, the stomach lining is irritated.