7 behaviors that injure the kidneys

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7 behaviors that injure the kidneys. The kidneys are another important organ that we need to take care of. Both food and eating Including other behaviors that we do every day. 

Drinking too little or too much water

The primary function of the kidneys is to assimilate beneficial nutrients. And eliminates toxins from the body And the fact that our bodies do not get enough water will make the kidneys not work fully. Risk of kidney disease Especially kidney stones But drinking too much water can also make the kidneys work harder. Best way should drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day.

injure the kidneys

Junkfood is a real friend

In today’s times we have to live in a hurry. Many people will have to rely on ready meals that are both convenient and fast. Whether it’s frozen foods, canned foods, sausages, ufabet ham, packets, or pickles, do you know that these easy-to-eat foods are good sources of sodium and phosphorus? Which is an important factor that is harmful to the kidneys Causing the risk of kidney disease In addition to eating salty. And eating spicy food can also make the kidneys work harder.

injure the kidneys

Drink tea, coffee and soft drinks regularly.

Some beverages, the more you drink, the more water your body is dehydrated, such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks.The caffeine in these beverages stimulates the body to urinate. Causing the body to lose water more often And if it is often, it will cause the kidneys to deteriorate.

Drinking heavy alcohol

In addition to being bad for the liver, beer is also harmful to the kidneys. Drinking alcohol-containing beverages in large quantities Will cause the breakdown of the muscles And may eventually lead to acute renal failure.


Many people already know that smoking. Harmful to lungs and heart But did you know that Our kidneys are also affected by smoking. Because smoking will increase high blood pressure. And have more protein in the urine Which is a sign that your kidneys are being damaged

Sitting for a long time

For anyone who has to sit to work for a long time or to be lazy that they do not get up anywhere. Be careful, kidney disease will ask for. Although research is not known exactly how long sitting can negatively affect the kidneys, it is related to blood pressure and the process of digesting sugar. Which directly affects our kidneys itself

Little rest

Of course, the lack of sleep. Insufficient rest will have a negative effect on our body. Because different systems and organs in our body will not be able to repair themselves fully. Our kidneys are as well. People who like sleep deprivation Can’t sleep well And in combination with the other factors above, there is a risk of kidney disease as well. In addition, stress is another factor to be aware of.