6 things to know before donating clothes

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6 things to know before donating clothes. Some people may think that donating is a great opportunity for us to clear away old things that we no longer use. Without even thinking that the actual items that we donate are still usable or not Can the recipient take advantage of it? Today we have  6 things to know before donating clothes. Let’s leave everyone. Let’s try to use it together. Will delight both the giver and the receiver.

donating clothes.

1. Wash thoroughly

To have already washed But the clothes that were kept for a long time were hidden in the closet and did not bring them out. It may have dust and musty smell, so before sending it out, take it out and clean it. Then dried to prevent mold Especially bras If so, it should be soaked in antiseptic solution. In order to prevent the transmission of germs from us to the donor recipient

2. Complete repair

Think about it, “If the clothes are in this condition Can we still wear it? ”If there is a tear, a broken target, a cleft hole, it should be sewn and repaired. Check to see if the buttons are complete or not, the zipper is broken, the elastic is worn out or not. Simply put, the clothes you are donating should be in good working condition

3. Make a donation to meet the needs

Many of them had the opportunity to clear their wardrobes and clear them out of sight. Selection of yarn for donation at April It is best to think a little. Because sometimes the donation organization doesn’t have enough space to store those clothes. For example, now that Laos is suffering from a broken dam and accepts clothing donations. We will send a duck down jacket. High heels wouldn’t be that good, right?

4. Classify the better.

For any home that thinks to clear clothes to donate, both of the parents of the children to help ease the burden of the staff Should also separate the type of clothes Of women or men, ufabet babies, older children, or something like a towel or blanket, things get to the person in need more quickly.

5. Do not pack in used plastic bags.

If going to pack clothes in plastic bags Should use a new plastic bag. Protect Choose a thick, sticky place to prevent tearing.

6. Do not use an old paper box.

Not many people donate themselves. But using various transport channels, they have to pack clothes in paper boxes. But when we use a paper box that has been used before, there may be humidity. And will cause clothes to cause mold during transportation.

Anyone who thinks that you cannot follow these 6 items, but would like to donate. It is recommended to make a donation instead of money.