6 things that education administrators in the digital age have and improve

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  6 things that education administrators in the digital age have and improve. To create new educational innovations. In order to keep pace with the technology world. The key factors for good education leaders in the digital age. That should be applied to use are as follows.

Become a lifelong learner

All education administrators Must position himself as a lifelong learner. Especially in the 4.0 era, knowledge will flow Occurs all the time and is constantly evolving, therefore the center of every educator Is to keep learning and be open to learning Test your current practice and be prepared to adapt and change. Moreover, it should allow teachers and students to participate in thinking for the future. And innovative learning What students want Based on the environment itself

Have a strategic thinking in the future And know how to develop good practice in the present day

In which this strategic idea is Futuristic concept With possibilities and solutions. That may not be solved by using traditional policies, systems and practices.

Rely on, share and spread leadership

To bridge the gap Between future thinking leaders and traditional leaders Leadership is an influential process. But not just one person Leadership distribution With an emphasis on distributing the sources of influence And changes to all groups of people It will enable expertise and knowledge to be spread across the group, for example by inviting future thinking leaders and traditional leaders. Let’s share their expertise and knowledge.

This can be more challenging when the principal or the school director still has the same idea But while teachers and students may already think of the future So if ideas are shared. It will enable new and different ideas to lead to development and support to help solve the problems that will change in the future.

Not afraid of new technology and dare to experiment

For a group of educational administrators, directors, or principals who have a traditional system of thinking. There may be some hesitation or uncertainty about digital technology. Or maybe you think it is too difficult for yourself to be able to develop a new teaching method that puts students at the center. So the key is to persuade and give positive motivation to those who are reluctant to change. Not a force Or against them

Do not ignore the conventional thinking.

Some traditional knowledge and experience may still be valuable. Good education administrators must be careful not to ignore ufabet wisdom. Especially culturally relevant, one should learn, connect and build trusting relationships with those who think and uphold the old way of doing it, perhaps focusing on being involved and listening.

Asking,”What must we stop doing? Or do something less”

Because teachers still need time to share learning and classroom experiences with each other. Which these things do not happen alone They still need time and support to do this well.