6 signs of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

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 6 signs you have obsessive compulsive disorder , OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) or obsessive compulsive disorder Is a psychological condition. It was found that 2 -3 percent of the population had this disease. The average age to experience this disease is 19-20 years. Symptoms are manifested repetitive symptoms, thoughts arise in the brain involuntarily, like to do repetitive actions that affect their lifestyle. A lot Until it may cause depression And also frequently upset people near him as well

Are you obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?

Fear of dirt

Fear of dirt Fear of germs from handling objects and touching others. They tend to avoid getting caught in public places. Some people like to wash their hands repeatedly, and sometimes they wash until their hands are scratched.

Excessive anxiety

Always worried about safety Makes likes to check things repeatedly, such as when leaving the house, even when the lights are turned off, the gas is closed, the doors are completely locked, but anyway, there will be an idea that pops up that A. Did we turn off the gas just now? Is the front door not closed? And it will always be like this, but if it happens for a long time, it is considered normal for people.

Like to repeat

Sitting still, often talking or mumbling repeatedly, counting numbers repeatedly, reciting chanting recitations, repeating thoughts that pop up in the head that may lead to insomnia.

obsessive compulsive disorder

Like to keep

Like collecting stuff Even if that thing has no value Keep everything Unused items It is not necessary to collect. Because he thinks they will be useful in the future.

Fear of sin

Repeatedly thinking that I am insulting the sacred things. And will be very worried about that idea, fear of sin, fear of misfortune, fear of being punished by sacred things Make you apologize Or ask for forgiveness from that sacred object repeatedly until meditation becomes more intense

Puritan (too much)

Like being precise, often uncomfortable when seeing things in a mess. Place items do not turn to the same direction Or are divided unequal Like to count things Keep things in order

Perfectionist or OCD?

Many people may be confused that they are. Perfectionist Who are perfectionists or have OCD?… The two symptoms are similar, but they are different if they are perfectionists. Will have a more positive effect Make it successful in work And able to accept change And more mistakes But if people with ufabet OCD symptoms when faced with unexpected things. Will feel anxious and stressful and cause mental symptoms and it has a very negative effect on life.