3 Dangerous diseases in the summer.

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In the summer. The hot steam will make many people health uncomfortable. The diseases that are often found when exposed to hot weather include:


Migraine headaches cause by the arteries being enlarge more easily than normal people. Often have one-sided headache some people may have symptoms that precede a headache. Such as blur vision, unusual vision or light, vomiting in summer.

Self-care for migraines

  • Avoid triggers such as heat, insufficient sleep, stress, food, coffee, chocolate, alcohol.
  • The use of pain relievers, such as paracetamol Anti-inflammatory painkillers, NSAIDs, Ergot, Triptans should be use only when clearly need and under the supervision of a doctor or pharmacist.


It is a condition in which liquid defecation UFABET exceeds three times a day cause by eating unclean food or drink. Contaminate with pathogens or eating spicy food.

Self-care when having diarrhea

Drink rehydration salt water (ORS) to replace the water lost through the fluid.

If you have diarrhea without any other symptoms and are still in good health. You can take a sip of mineral water and wait for your body to stop defecation. Without the need to always take carbon pills. But if the patient has bloody diarrhea and has a high fever or is defecation should see a doctor. You should not buy medicines and take them yourself.


It is a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans through the saliva of animals. The disease-carrying animals are not just dogs or cats. But all mammals, both domesticated and wild. If the disease enters the brain Patients will experience mania, anger, and anxiety, and if the infection enters the spinal cord, the brain and spinal cord will malfunction. Patients will eventually become paralyzed and die.

How to treat rabies

At present, there is no cure for it. Therefore, when bitten by a doctor, see a doctor immediately to get a diagnosis of tetanus and rabies vaccine.