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9 techniques to improve our quality sleep.

9 techniques to improve our sleep. Good sleep It’s not a long sleep. but a deep sleep wake up feeling refreshed. It’s called quality sleep. It’s important for your health. Sleep quality is the measurement of how well you’re sleeping—in other words. Whether your sleep is restful and restorative.

Benefits of bananas.

Bananas are rich in minerals and nutrients. That the body should receive and provide energy up to 100 kcal per unit. Because bananas contain 3 types of sugar. Namely sucrose, fructose and glucose, as well as dietary fiber. So our bodies will get energy and can be used

3 Dangerous diseases in the summer.

In the summer. The hot steam will make many people health uncomfortable. The diseases that are often found when exposed to hot weather include: Migraine. Migraine headaches cause by the arteries being enlarge more easily than normal people. Often have one-sided headache some people may have symptoms that precede

History of oranges.

          Oranges is a fruit that has been cultivated for thousands of years. The citrus belonging to the citrus family is a plant that is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. including in the Malay Archipelago In Thailand, there is evidence that reports mention different types

What properties and health benefits does lemon have in daily life?

Lime (English: Lime, scientific name Citrus aurantifolia) Lemon is a fruit. That can be used to cook many things. Such as papaya salad, and various orange curry, making it taste even more delicious. In addition lemon there are also many benefits and properties. Whether it is used to treat

Tomatoes are beneficial for more than just beautiful skin.

Anyone who does not like to eat tomatoes must think again. Because tomatoes are very beneficial for the body. What substances are useful in tomatoes?          “Lycopene” is an important substance found in tomatoes. It is classified as a compound in the carotenoid group, one of 600 species.

Is chocolate good for health?

          Cocoa is the key to keeping our favorite chocolates healthy. Because real cocoa is rich in flavonoid substances that help nourish our blood vessels to be strong. According to research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). Flavonoids affect our cardiovascular health. It will

Benefits of tomato.

          Hero of the round tomato is lycopene. Which is another substance in the carotenoid group. lycopene . Found in red-orange fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, papaya, carrots, gacs, and grapefruits, they are considered antioxidants. Excellent prevention of cancer from the information of Mahidol University states that in 100 grams of fresh tomatoes,

Who is at risk for goiter?

Who is at risk for goiter?

Who is at risk for goiter?      Children or infants who are not getting enough iodine from the diet or have a congenital thyroid disorder      expectant mothers with thyroid disease      have a family history of thyroid disease      People who have had an autoimmune

Vegetarian food a good helper for heart patients.

Vegetarian food a good helper for heart patients

Vegetarian food, easy to make, delicious to eat, a good helper for heart patients. With a fast paced lifestyle causing more and more people to get sick. Whether it is cancer Hyperlipidemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, including heart disease. And with various diseases that occur by themselves, patients Or