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Who is at risk for goiter?

Who is at risk for goiter?

Who is at risk for goiter?      Children or infants who are not getting enough iodine from the diet or have a congenital thyroid disorder      expectant mothers with thyroid disease      have a family history of thyroid disease      People who have had an autoimmune

Smelly Hair Syndrome

Cause of “Smelly Hair Syndrome” are you at risk for it?

Hair is very important to us, besides helping to cover your head from excessive heat or cold, it will also improve your personality. For anyone whose hair is beautiful, shiny and fragrant. It will make people love to be close to or want to interact with

How to choose the best glasses?

How to choose the best glasses

How to choose the best glasses? Many people may not have tried to measure the tape measure with our faces. But if we want to know what kind of face we have, this method can really help you calculate. There are 3 main points that we need

invention of barcodes

History of the invention of barcodes

The history of the invention of barcodes. It was invented by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, two alumni of the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, USA, sparking the invention of the Wall Ace Flint barcode from Harvard Business School in the year. 1932. Where he offered

1 day on other planets

How long is 1 day on other planets?

How long is 1 day on other planets? For our planet, 1 day has 23 hours and 56 minutes, but yes, all other stars will spend the same amount of time. They all have different spinning periods. Caused by The satellites of the planets, including meteorites, meteorites, or