What is skincare?

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Skincare refers to practices that help promote skin health , enhance skin integrity, and relieve skin problems on the face and body.

Generally, skincare products are divided into two main types:UFABET 

  1. External care:
    • Cleansing: Removes dirt, oil and makeup from the skin.
    • Skin care: Moisturize, condition, restore and solve specific skin problems.
    • Skin Protection: Protect your skin from sunlight, pollution and dust.
  2. Care from within:
    • Eat a healthy diet: Focus on vegetables, fruits, grains and protein.
    • Drinking enough water: Keeps your skin hydrated and glowing.
    • Get enough sleep: This allows your skin to repair itself.
    • Exercise: Helps blood circulate well, giving you a radiant complexion.

Further advice.

  • You should consult a dermatologist if you have chronic skin problems or are unsure about choosing a product.
  • Shop for products from trusted sources.
  • Store products at proper temperature.
  • Test the product on your forearm before using it on your face.

Before choosing skincare products, you must know.

  • Skin type:
    • Dry skin
    • Oily skin
    • Combination skin
    • Sensitive skin
  • Skin problems:
    • acne
    • Freckles, dark spots
    • Wrinkles
    • Sagging
  • ingredient:
    • Choose products that contain ingredients that are right for your skin type and concerns.
    • Avoid ingredients that may cause irritation.

Skincare is an important thing that helps our skin to be healthy, beautiful and radiant. Choose products that are right for you and follow the instructions regularly. Just like that, your skin will definitely look better.