If you want to quit smoking, what should you do?

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Smoking addiction is a preventable cause of death. Smoking cessation services by doctors and medical personnel or health professionals are one way to quit smoking. Many people do not have access to cessation services, so they choose to quit cold turkey, which has a low success rate and is likely to relapse. People who quit smoking, or who stop or reduce the amount they smoke immediately, will experience at least four symptoms within 24 hours. Such as irritability, stress, anger, anxiety, poor concentration, increased appetite, restlessness, depression, and insomnia. Therefore, receiving treatment from a doctor is a truly effective way to quit.UFABET  

You should follow your doctor’s advice. The doctor will assess your intention and readiness to quit smoking, assess the severity of your addiction, and the factors that trigger you to smoke. You will also receive appropriate help and treatment. You will also have an appointment to follow up on your symptoms and the results of your quit.

There are currently several effective medications that can increase the success rate of smoking cessation. They are divided into two groups:

  1. Nicotine replacement therapy, which helps reduce cravings and relieves nicotine withdrawal symptoms. In Thailand, there are chewing gum and skin patches available.
  2. Non-nicotine drugs include nortriptyline, buproprion SR, and varenicline. These drugs work by reducing cravings and making it easier for quit. Patients typically take them for about 8-12 weeks.