How to choose the best glasses

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How to choose the best glasses? Many people may not have tried to measure the tape measure with our faces. But if we want to know what kind of face we have, this method can really help you calculate. There are 3 main points that we need to measure to calculate: the width of the forehead, the width from the earlobe. Flanked down to the chin to the other earlobe, and the length of the top of the forehead to the end of the chin. 

How to choose the best glasses?
  • The length of the face is longer than the width. Show that they are an oval-shaped face (a person with a rounded chin) or a heart-shaped face (a person with a pronounced slender chin).
  • The length of the face is less than the width. Show that a person with a round face (a person with a rounded chin) or a square face. (People with pronounced jaws)

Know the different shapes of glasses That we care about first

    Since there are many styles to choose from, if we do not know what style is it. Will not be able to choose a shape that matches the face shape at all Therefore, we must first explore what kind of glasses we are interested in. And if we have what kind of face To choose from a shape that is different from our face. Will make it even more outstanding

  • Heart – shaped face – suitable for round and square shape, avoid cat eye shape.
  • Square Face – Suitable for round and oval  shapes, avoid over size.
  • Round Face – Suitable for geometric and rectangular  shapes, avoiding spheres.
  • Oval face shape – Suitable for round and square  shape, avoid over size shape.

The design and size of the glasses are important

We must remember that the thickness – thinness of the glasses can make it look different as well. Therefore, we have to choose the thickness of the frame to suit the look that we are going to wear.

Thin frame : suitable for young or old who have a clear face or make up Because the thinness of the edges will not compete for the outstanding scene of the face And help make the look soft and not too stiff

Thick frames : will help to make the face frames of women and men more prominent. As if to highlight the eyes to be more eye-catching And enhances the gimmick for girls who do not wear makeup on that day Gives a good look with a gimmick

Choose glasses colors to suit your skin tone.

Choosing the color of the glasses is important. Because we have to choose a color to suit our dress and style on a daily basis To help add a distinctive look to the look on that day And the importance of color selection is Choose the glasses color to suit our skin color as well.

  • Pinkish white skin – suitable for cool-toned glasses such as blue frames Gray or silver
  • Yellowish – white skin – suitable for warm skin tones with a more aura look, such as bronze, copper and gold.
  • Honey / Dual Skin – Perfect for warm tones like brown, golden, earth tones.
  • Tanned / pigmented skin – really people of this color can wear any shade. But if you want to emphasize your skin tone, choose a darker tone like black or dark brown.

How are you doing? Had a trick in choosing the glasses that we have already picked up Just follow this, everyone will have a pair of glasses to wear, any look will be bang and beautiful, instantly spell all eyes. In the end, all tricks may not be fixed. If many people want the style of glasses that we like to reflect your individuality. You can wear it in any shape. Because of that, we have chosen to put what we like. Will increase the confidence in ourselves Looks like any shape will definitely be brighter than anyone!