How long is 1 day on other planets?

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How long is 1 day on other planets? For our planet, 1 day has 23 hours and 56 minutes, but yes, all other stars will spend the same amount of time. They all have different spinning periods. Caused by The satellites of the planets, including meteorites, meteorites, or other strikes that vary the 1-day duration of each star. Let’s go see how long one day on another planet, how long each ufabet star is.

1 day on other planets

How long is 1 day on other planets?

Regardless of any star when it spins around itself Must have both day and night Besides planets, they also include moons and asteroids. And so as not to be confused Astronomers measure their own rotation times of other stars in the solar system using the time period of one day on Earth. 

1 day period on other planets

  • Mercury 58.6 days
  • Venus 243 days
  • Earth 23 hours 56 minutes
  • Mars 24 hours 37 minutes
  • Jupiter 9 hours 55 minutes
  • Saturn, 10 hours 33 minutes
  • Uranus 17 hours 14 minutes
  • Neptune 15 hours 57 minutes
  • Pluto 6.4 days


1 day on Mercury equals 58.6 days on Earth may seem long, but 1 year on Mercury is only 88 days on Earth. Because it is the star closest to the sun


It can be said that it is the strangest star because 1 day is longer than 1 year! Venus takes a single orbit around the Sun in 224 days, that is, 1 year. Venus, but it rotates once, takes up to 243 days, and has a different direction of rotation than that of other planets. Which assumed that it may have been caused by a collision in the past a long time ago


Known as the twins of the world Because they are very close to each other Including the rotation time that takes 24 hours, 37 minutes, but 1 year on Mars. It is as long as 687 days on Earth, almost twice as long as it is on Earth.


Spin yourself as fast as possible in the solar system. It takes only 9 hours and 50 minutes, but a year on Jupiter is 11.86 years long and another interesting thing is. The axis of Jupiter’s rotation is only 3.1 degrees, so there is no change in the seasons.


It takes only 10 hours and 33 minutes to spin around itself, making it look bloated at the equator. But it took 29.46 years to orbit the sun.


Uranus, nicknamed the Sideways Planet, has a nearly 90-degree tilt, making it orbit the Sun as a roller wheel for 1 day.Uranus has 17 hours and 14 minutes, but one year is 84 years.


The gas planet takes 15 hours to spin around itself, and one year on Neptune, 165 years on Earth.


As far away from the Sun as possible, the longest one year on Pluto is 248 years, but the time in one day is much shorter. But still more than our planet for about 6 days and 9.5 hours.