History of the invention of barcodes

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The history of the invention of barcodes. It was invented by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, two alumni of the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, USA, sparking the invention of the Wall Ace Flint barcode from Harvard Business School in the year. 1932. Where he offered a selection of the desired products from the list. By using punching cards to divide the same category But that idea was not carried on.

History of the invention of barcodes

Until Bernard Silver, who was still a student at the time I accidentally heard the president of a consumer goods retailer in Philadelphia, consulting with the dean. The university should encourage experiments on the storage and reading systems of product information. To facilitate the retail business to do the stock. And because Bernard didn’t listen to the right ear through the left ear. So he pondered what he had heard. And persuaded senior fellow Norman Joseph Woodland to come together to make that dream a reality.

In 1952 they both gave birth to barcodes after years of experimenting. And the patent was issued on October 7 that same year. 

By the first type of barcode that they produced Not a pattern that we are used to today. But it looks like a sheet of darts consisting of several white circles stacked on a dark background. The results were not both as desirable, but the Kroger chain retailer Cincinnati, ufabet Ohio, USA, adopted the dart-disc barcode system as the first of its kind. World in 1967.

Later, barcodes were developed and invented a barcode scanner. It is first used in the world at Marsh’s Supermarket In June 1974, and on the 26th of that month. Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum became the first product in the world to be barcode scanned because it was the first item to be picked up from the first customer cart of the shop on that day.