Cause of “Smelly Hair Syndrome” are you at risk for it?

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Hair is very important to us, besides helping to cover your head from excessive heat or cold, it will also improve your personality. For anyone whose hair is beautiful, shiny and fragrant. It will make people love to be close to or want to interact with each other. But, on the contrary. If someone’s hair smells like this, it will cause those around you to turn away and want to stay away. But it could be caused by you being a “foul hair disease”.

Smelly Hair Syndrome

 If you have itchy scalp, sticky, greasy and smelly hair after washing your hair shortly. This can be a risk of “Smelly Hair Syndrome”! It is a foul-smelling scalp condition caused by yeast-like fungi and bacteria. This condition is not referred to as a disease, but it is an abnormality in the body that makes it easier for me to foul. 

cause of “Smelly Hair Syndrome”

For the cause of “Smelly Hair Syndrome” occurs for many reasons, whether it is

1. It is caused by the sebaceous glands producing too much sebum, thus causing excess oil to adhere to the roots of the hair. When the scalp is absorbed in air, it is easier to cause a bad odor.

2. Caused by the sweat glands produce too much sweat, causing it to become stuffy and damp.

3. Hair is too small to line up tightly, so it tends to cause the scalp to become more oily.

4. Hormones change frequently. Whether stress Or other effects on the mental state It will cause the hair to become oily and foul in the end.

5. I have seborrheic dermatitis or what is often called eczema. It usually occurs on the oily skin when the hair is very oily, thus making the hair smelly as well. Not only is your hair stinking, if left untreated, it will cause your scalp to become inflamed and become oily and lymphatic. An infection Until finally, a lot of hair loss

How do I know that I have smelly hair?

1. I just finished washing my hair, I came back to stale again.

2. Hair smell similar to the hair of a dog that has just finished a new bath or smells old sponge.

3. This bad smell rarely goes away. The scent lasts even after washing the hair multiple times.

4. This bad smell can not be extinguished by the smell of herbs, whether it is bergamot or other herbs. The symptoms improve only temporarily and it will come back again.